Massage Therapists'
Association of Nova Scotia

Volunteer Opportunities

MTANS is run by its members. All Board and Committee positions are staffed by volunteers. To sit on the Board or as a Committee Chair, the volunteer must be an active member in good standing with the association, a committee member may be also a student or inactive member of MTANS, with Board approval.

All volunteer hours in these positions can be counted toward the Professional Development credits needed. All committee work is eligible for primary CEU’s. Every 2 hours of committee work equals 1 CEU!

Below is a brief outline of the committees and their work. MTANS members seeking further information about the committees and the policies they have, can review the committee information found on each committee page in the Members Only section.


Complaints Committee

Committee Chair(s): Bobbi-Jo Ferguson

Number of Committee Members: 5

Committee Members:Bobbi-Jo Ferguson, Jess Smith, Joan MacLeod, Sarah West, Monica Miller

How Often Do You Meet?

As needed based on formal complaints submitted

Committee’s Responsibilities and Requirements:

This committee reviews formal complaints submitted to the association and determines what (if any) discipline should be taken.


Conference Committee

Committee Chair(s): Peg McMartin

Number of Committee Members: 8

Committee Members: Peg McMartin, Terry White, Sarah West-Andrews,
Andrea Libadia, Jean Bridle, Janice Swan, Natasha Janes-Joyce, Jennifer Power

How Often Do You Meet?

Once per month via teleconference and on-two times annually in person

Committee’s Responsibilities and Requirements:

The committee is responsible for organizing a biannual conference. This includes planning, communicating, scheduling and providing practical and business style workshops, meal planning, contract negotiation, obtaining conference location sites, contacting and gathering sponsors, on-site support and documentation preparation.


Professional Development Committee

Committee Chair(s):  Heather Cosgrove-Smith, Tracy Stewart-McInnis

Number of Committee Members:  4

Committee Members: Heather Cosgrove-Smith, Tracy Stewart-McInnis,
Beth Nicholson, Jennifer Wessel

How Often Do You Meet?

Two official meetings per year, but frequent communication via email

Committee’s Responsibilities and Requirements:

The committee handles the approval of courses and uploads them to the MTANS website, as well as uploading course events to events page. They are responsible for responding to emails directed to the committee.


Public Relations Committee

Committee Chair(s): Vacant

Number of Committee Members: 3

Committee Members: Liz Pullin, Olivier Flibotte, Stephanie Allen

How Often Do You Meet?

Monthly meetings via telephone, with a break over the summer months

Committee’s Responsibilities and Requirements:

The committee assists with communication to the membership, as well as external advertising. This can include the creation of marketing material, content creation for the MTANS website or Facebook, print ads etc.
The position of School Liaison and MTANS Spokesperson falls under this committee.


Regulation Committee

Committee Chair(s): Liz Pullin

Number of Committee Members: 4

Committee Members:
Liz Pullin, Christine Briand, Amy-Lynne Graves, Peg McMartin

How Often Do You Meet?

As needed based on the needs of MTANS/The NS Government

Committee’s Responsibilities and Requirements:

The committee is responsible for researching and working towards provincial massage therapy Regulation. This committee works directly with McInnis Cooper and a private government consultant in the development of supporting documentation outlined by the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness. This will lead to the official submission to government for provincial regulation of the profession.