Massage Therapists'
Association of Nova Scotia

Professional Development Committee

In Brief

Committee Chair(s): Heather Cosgrove-Smith, Tracy Stewart-McInnis

Number of Committee Members: 4

Committee Members: Heather Cosgrove-Smith, Tracy Stewart-McInnis, Beth Nicholson, Jennifer Wessel

How Often Do You Meet?

Two official meetings per year, but frequent communication via email

Committee’s Responsibilities and Requirements:

The committee handles the approval of courses and uploads them to the MTANS website, as well as uploading course events to events page. They are responsible for responding to emails directed to the committee.


The Massage Therapists’ Association of Nova Scotia believes it is important to let members develop in their own direction with respect to continuing education and professional development. MTANS also believes that public safety and our professional reputation should be our primary concerns. The Continuing Education policy is intended to set the standards and criteria for the continuing education and professional development of MTANS’ members.

More from the Committee

Continuing Education Units are required to maintain membership in good standing with MTANS. Every two years, members must have earned 20 units. Members must submit their CEU forms by December 31st in their two year cycle.

At this time online filing is not available. Please use the following printable downloadable forms for submission of member details:

CEU Activity Report Form

CEU Self-Directed Assessment Form

Cycle A begins on January 1st of each odd numbered year and ends on December 31st of each even numbered year.

Cycle B begins on January 1st of each even numbered year and ends on December 31st of each odd numbered year.

2 hours of activity in a primary category = 1 CEU

3 hours of activity in a secondary category = 1 CEU

Bonus CEUs are given at AGM and SAGM.

Check out the full policy for further information about CEUs and the policy determining course categories.