Massage Therapists'
Association of Nova Scotia

Membership Options

MTANS has five levels of membership with varying levels of allowances, privileges, and dues. Any member of MTANS, regardless of status, may attend the Annual General Meeting and the Semi-Annual General Meeting of the Association.

1) Active Member:

Those Massage Therapists who are listed on the Active Members list of MTANS have paid the required dues and fees, and join the association to assist in the purposes as outlined in the Constitution. Only Active Members are entitled to:

  • be nominated for, elected to, or serve on the Board of Directors;
  • move or second motions for consideration of membership or nominated persons for membership on the Board;
  • vote on said motions;
  • receive a Certificate of Active Membership and the appropriate renewal seals;

Only Active memberships are covered with Professional Liability Insurance and have billing rights through insurance carriers.

The qualifications required for the application process are that the applicant:

  • is a graduate of a minimum 2200 hour program in massage therapy, encompassing the minimum standard of education as established by the CANADIAN MASSAGE THERAPY ALLIANCE, from a university, college or school, regulated or licensed by the respective educational authority of the province or territory of the institution
  • has completed the MTANS Application process.

All Active members shall display in a prominent place in their establishment the Certificate of Active Membership in MTANS along with the appropriate renewal seals for the current year.

2) Inactive Member:

  • If a member chooses to become inactive, they cannot practice massage therapy in Nova Scotia.
  • While inactive, members are still responsible for continuing education units, as in MTANS policy.
  • Inactive Members must only notify the MTANS office and pay the full active fees to reactivate to Active status (Continuing Education requirements and First Aid/CPR must be current).

3) Associate Member:

Associate members are those who, though not eligible under the Society Act, are by virtue of their professional interests committed to the purposes of the Association, and include but are not limited to, Directors or educators of recognized schools of Massage Therapy and MTANS approved educators offering continuing education opportunities. After receipt of a written request to join, and the prescribed dues, a majority vote of the Board of Directors will result in Associate Membership status.

4) Student Member:

Any student in a Massage Therapy school recognized by MTANS may become a student member of the association. There is no fee for this type of membership.

5) Honorary Member:

Those who are not otherwise members of MTANS, who, by meritorious service to MTANS, have distinguished themselves and, after being recommended to the Board in writing by two Active members, have been approved as Honorary Members by a vote of no less than three-quarters (75%) of the Active members attending a General Meeting.