Massage Therapists'
Association of Nova Scotia

Joining MTANS


Thank you for your interest in joining MTANS. If this is your first time applying for membership in MTANS, or if you are returning after your membership has lapsed, you are in the right place.

As of October 2019, registration for MTANS is completed solely online. We are here to help you throughout the process. If at any time you have difficulties with our on-line system, please give our office a call at 902-429-2190.

The office is open, Monday to Friday between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

** If you graduated with an International diploma, please contact the office before applying.**

Active Membership:

-To make your application process go smoothly, please have the following documents ready to support your application for Active membership.

If all required documents (as specified below) are correct, please allow 5 BUSINESS DAYS to process your application. If the required information is incorrect/missing, approval will be delayed.

-Original Passport photograph (Back must be stamped but not signed)

-Massage Therapy Diploma, or, proof of graduation from a Massage Therapy Program

-Two letters of recommendation from schools, colleagues or employers attesting to your ethical character and your support of the standards and practice of the profession. These persons cannot be related to you. Please note, the letters must be dated and signed, current within 90 days and on letterhead if applicable.

-A current certificate of Emergency First Aid and Level A CPR Training. Please note, on-line courses are not acceptable.

-A current criminal record background check. Must be current within 90 days. Online proof may be sent to Original copy must be submitted/mailed to the MTANS office. Please note, all pages of the record check must be submitted.

-If you are a member of a Regulatory College of Massage Therapy, a verification of registration letter

-If you are a member of a Provincial Massage Therapy Association, a letter of standing with that association


As part of the application process, you will be charged a non-refundable processing fee of $35, and non-refundable annual dues of $400, (which includes your insurance premium) pro-rated in your first year based on the number of months of membership in MTANS. The on-line system will automatically calculate your pro-rated dues. Payment may be made by Credit card, Visa Debit, cheque or money order.

Associate Membership: Those members, who by virtue of their professional interests are committed to the purposes of MTANS. The following are some examples (but not limited to) individuals who could apply for Associate membership:

  • Individuals who work as Directors of educators of recognized Schools of Massage Therapy and
  • MTANS’ approved educators offering Continuing Education

A written receipt and payment of the prescribed dues is required to join as an Associate member along with the majority vote of the Board of Directors.

Student Membership: A student registered in an educational institution recognized by MTANS may join as a student member. There is no cost for a student membership.

Application for Active Membership

Application for Associate Membership

Application for Student Membership