Massage Therapists'
Association of Nova Scotia

General Info

Membership Benefits

MTANS members can receive discounts at partner businesses.

SoftMoc – SoftMoc offers MTANS members a 10%discount on all regular and sale priced merchandise, as well as, a $30 instant discount if members qualify for the “Frequent Buyers Program”.

Use MTANS Corporate Discount Code: 777000013897

Perkopolis – Details coming soon

SOAP Vault – This online note taking system offers ease of management in client files; SOAP notes, financial records, online booking and more are available. MTANS members receive a monthly discount of 25% once membership in the association is confirmed.

Continuing Education

For online continuing education courses, see Online Learning
For upcoming training and events, check out the events calendar

Membership Meetings

MTANS holds two general membership meetings per calendar year – the Annual General Meeting in the spring, and the Semi-Annual General Meeting in the fall. While attendance at these meetings is not mandatory, we strongly urge members to be present. By attending these meetings, members can develop friendships and working relationships with other members while keeping informed of current provincial and national issues affecting the practice of massage therapy.

If you are unable to attend you can still have your voice heard. A proxy will allow another MTANS member to vote on motions during the meeting on your behalf. These could be issues of budget or election of new members, or new initiatives by the committees. You can select a friend or co-worker (within MTANS) who is going to the meeting to be your proxy. They would take your form with them and be authorized to vote for you. Alternatively you can select a member of the Board of Directors and fax or mail the proxy form into head office prior to the meeting. If you are interested in either of these options, please fill out the proxy form.

Documents and Minutes

Here are the documents for the Annual General Meeting on 5 May 2017




When you renew your membership you are sent documentation as proof of insurance. Should you need another copy please contact the office.

MTANS must have as part of it’s member records, a declaration, signed by each member. This confirms that our members have not been convicted of a crime, nor had any finding of professional misconduct, incompetence, or incapacity in any health field or jurisdiction.

Use of the Official MTANS Logo

The use of the official logo of the Massage Therapists’ Association on Nova Scotia shall be subject to the provisions of this policy.
To ensure that the logo of MTANS is used in a manner appropriate to it being the identification of the Association internally and externally thus projecting a favourable image of the Association.


1. The Logo of the Massage Therapists’ Association of Nova Scotia is the symbol that identifies MTANS both internally and externally.
2. The Logo should be used only in an appropriate manner thereby bringing a strong and favourable impression of MTANS to all who see it.
3. The primary control and use of the Logo rests with the Board of Directors of MTANS who shall have unrestricted use of the Logo.
4. The Board of Directors may authorize the use of the Logo by all committees of MTANS in official documents and publicity.
5. Members of MTANS may use the Logo on business cards, letterhead, and in other applications coupled with the phrase ‘Proud Member of MTANS’.

6. All other proposed uses of the logo shall be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval prior to its use



To download the logos, click the desired link and then right click on the image and select “save as..”

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If you would like zipped files for professional printing needs, please contact the office.