Massage Therapists'
Association of Nova Scotia

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Within the bones on the palm side of your wrist, a small tunnel – the carpal tunnel – is formed. Some of the tendons and the median nerve for your hand pass through that tunnel. Work or recreational activities and occasionally sleeping positions can force the wrist into an awkward position for extended periods. When these tendons and nerve are compressed it can trigger symptoms of the arm and hand; pain as well as weakness and numbness and tingling in the hand. Early symptoms can be diminished by changing hand position and shaking the affected limb. Massage therapy can assist with this condition by reducing tension in muscles of the arm and hand, and helping clients with a self care plan that can include stretching or strengthening exercises and postural correction techniques. Additionally wrist supports can be worn at work or in sleep. If these interventions do not alleviate the symptoms, clients with carpal tunnel syndrome may require surgery. Your physician man send you for nerve conduction tests to get a proper diagnosis.

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