Massage Therapists'
Association of Nova Scotia


MTANS is dedicated to excellence in protecting the public, serving its members and promoting the highest possible quality of the practice of Massage Therapy in a safe and ethical manner. We endorse the national standard for massage therapy education. Completion of a minimum 2200 hour curriculum, from a recognized school of massage therapy which includes the study of anatomy, physiology, pathology, massage and assessment techniques, treatments and clinical experience is required.

All MTANS members must carry general and professional liability insurance, agree to honour a strict code of ethics and observe our adopted Standards of Practice.

Mission Statement

To ensure high standards for the profession of massage therapy in Nova Scotia for the protection of the public; to support the professional development of its members; and to foster relations with other health care professionals for the well being of the public.

Our Vision

MTANS envisions a future where:

  • All massage therapists practicing in the province are regulated by provincial legislation;
  • All massage therapists strive to expand their knowledge through continued professional development;
  • All massage therapists embrace the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice to ensure public safety and confidence are maintained;
  • All massage therapists participate in the promotion of the practice for the well being of the public.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Massage Therapists’ Association of Nova Scotia is:

  • To promote the science, art and philosophy of Massage Therapy for the betterment of public health and in the public interest.
  • To represent its membership before governmental and regulating bodies concerned with Massage Therapy.
  • To foster and encourage professional and ethical standards among its members.
  • To encourage high standards of education for students of Massage Therapy.
  • To increase the awareness and knowledge of the general public concerning the benefits of Massage Therapy.
  • To liaise with and recommend potential students to recognized schools of Massage Therapy.
  • To offer post graduate education and set post graduate standards.


MTANS holds its members to a high standard and requires adherence to a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. If you have had an interaction with a member of MTANS that you feel was somehow inappropriate, you can file a complaint. Fill out this form. Then the complaint will move to our Complaints Committee. The first step is communication with the therapist to advise them of the complaint and offer a chance for a resolution. This resolution would have to be one in which both the client and the therapist feel like they have been heard, as well the complainant should leave the process with their concerns addressed. In some cases, this is not possible. If the behavior was too far from the standards, or if there is no mutually agreed to solution, then the issue is escalated to a Discipline Committee.

It is important to remember that massage therapy is currently not a regulated health profession in Nova Scotia, so any disciplinary action can be enforced only within our membership. This means that if MTANS decided to put limitations on a member or remove their membership with our organization, a person could simply continue working in Nova Scotia, without being affiliated with any massage association. We cannot stop a person from practicing, only from practicing as an MTANS member.

If you feel that your interaction with a therapist was in violation of local laws – like theft, fraud, sexual or physical or emotional abuse, you should contact the police in your area. Use these links to find contact information for your local police station or your local RCMP detachment.