Massage Therapists'
Association of Nova Scotia

Investigative Committee

In Brief

Committee Chair(s): Monica Miller

Number of Committee Members: 4

Committee Members: Jess Smith, Joan MacLeod, Sarah West, Monica Miller

How Often Do You Meet?

As needed based on formal complaints submitted

Committee’s Responsibilities and Requirements:

This committee reviews formal complaints submitted to the association and determines what (if any) discipline should be taken.

More from the Committee

The Investigative Committee meets primarily via teleconference and only as needed. Once a complaint is logged at head office, the member against whom the complaint has been made is given an opportunity to respond. A teleconference is set by the chair. The committee reviews all the information and tries to mediate a resolution that will suit both the complainant and the MTANS member. If that is not possible more information may be gathered and the issue is forwarded to a Disciplinary Committee.

It is important to remember that massage therapy is currently not a regulated health profession in Nova Scotia, so any disciplinary action can be enforced only within our membership. This means that if MTANS decided to put limitations on a member or remove their membership with our organization, a person could simply continue working in Nova Scotia, without being affiliated with any massage association. MTANS cannot stop a person from practicing, only from practicing as an MTANS member.


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